THE SPYCATCHER is a registered consultancy for Competitive Intelligence. It was founded in the year 2001 by Major Nick (a retired ex military intelligence officer). Our mission is to provide senior management of Malaysian companies with the latest market intelligence gathering techniques, training and procedures so that they can more effectively formulate long term strategic plans that will outmaneuver their biggest competitors, thus giving them a badly needed competitive advantage, a larger market share and increased profit margin

Our consultants are highly trained ex-intelligence professionals. Their educational background range from IT to Master in Business Administration (MBA). Some of them have been trained by British and American intelligence. Their skills range in the field of intelligence gathering, covert investigation, surveillances, counterintelligence, scenario analysis and technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM). We are true intelligence professionals.

Major Nick has been trained extensively by both the CIA and the British MI6 in Intelligence operations and data gathering, besides being a trainer for government organizations; he has also been an adviser to the Afghan government and was their adviser on bomb threats and anti kidnap programmes, initiated by the Afghan government, aimed at protecting the many foreign expatriates in Kabul, Afghanistan.

We provide training and consultancy in the following fields:
  • Advising on how to setup your own Competitive Intelligence (CI) unit in your organization
  • Competitive Intelligence gathering skills
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Scenario analysis techniques
  • Brain storming methodology
  • Executive self protection and Counter surveillance
  • Formation of company wide bomb threat and evacuation policy
  • Handling bomb threats
  • Surviving a kidnap and hostage situation
  • Preventing terrorist attacks
  • Talks on the major espionage agencies, their success and failures
  • Global best practices and benchmarks
  • Risk Management Analysis study

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